Friday, 11 August 2017

Windsor and Eton

The river is lower than normal for this time of year making it too shallow for us to moor beside the bank.

Think we will pass on a Windsor Duck Tour, we know what happened to one of these in Salthouse Dock in Liverpool!!!

From our mooring on' The Brocas', belonging to Eton College and kindly allowing public use, we are met by this lovely street .

Left for Eton

Right for Windsor Bridge.

The trip boats are VERY busy.

Windsor Royal Shopping....fully explored!!!
Located opposite Windsor castle in the grade II listed Victorian Railway Station.  Many of the original features remain including Jubilee arch,the cobbled stones and Queen Victoria's Royal Waiting Room.
Today it is filled with a array of shops, bars, cafes, restaurants and a arts and craft market.

Queen Victoria's statue.

A sad sight of our times, these guys are much in evidence during the changing of the guard.

Traffic is stopped and the High Street is transformed into a Parade ground, lined by residents and visitors waiting to see the Guards led by a Regimental Band.

The new guard march into the castle.

The actual ceremony takes place inside the castle, where the Regiment, who have been on duty for the previous 24 or 48 hours hand over to the New Guard.

While these guys appear relaxed and chat quite happily to 'Jo public' they are constantly on alert

The Old Guard leaving the castle.

Time to explore Eton

A Victoria Vertical Slot pillar box. This 1856 design -15 years after the first postage stamps - illustrates where the name 'pillar' came from with its fluted Doric style. One of only ten survivors.

Eton College Chapel

The Porters Lodge

Eton is a iconic Tudor-era boarding school with Gothic chapel, whose former pupils include 19 prime ministers and numerous members of the Royal Family. It currently charges annual fees of up to £33,270.

The escape route over the wall....

or the Yorkshire mans way in!!!!

Our rich history gives us so much pride.

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